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Mission, Ethos and Values

We are a mixed Catholic Voluntary Aided School with a Nursery Class, situated in the Parish of Our Lady of Peace, Burnham. The school which was established in 1961, became a First School in 1975 and an Infant School in 1996. We work in partnership with the Diocese of Northampton and Slough Local Authority.


This is our school, let peace live here. Let the rooms be full of happiness Let love be all around, love of one another, Love of all people, love of life and living, Let us remember, that as many hands build a house, So many hearts make a school.


  • To encourage and develop a Catholic environment, which builds on the Christian foundations already established, in partnership with the home and parish.
  • To offer a wide range of spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, aesthetic, emotional and social activities which will develop respectful, loving, confident, well balanced individuals, who are enabled to reach their full potential.
  • To ensure that every member of our school community is valued and celebrated.
  • To ensure that every member of our school has respect for self, others, all living things and their environment.
  • To ensure that each child is offered a broad, balanced and relevant education with equality of access to the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.


The partnership between home, school and parish will be nurtured and strengthened by the opportunity for all members of our school community to contribute to the life of our school.

  • Our Catholic faith, which is lived out in our daily lives, will be taught by example and explicitly through the “Come & See” programme and supporting resources. The children will be helped towards an awareness and better understanding of other faiths and cultures.
  • Our Catholic faith will be affirmed through meaningful and relevant collective worship appropriate to the age and understanding of the individuals, in partnership with the chaplaincy.
  • Spiritual and moral development will be encouraged through individual reflection, assemblies and prayer. Spiritual and moral development will be nurtured by a shared understanding of expectations, example and a positive management of behaviour.
  • Every member of our school community, secure in a positive atmosphere of openness and honesty, will be given an opportunity to contribute to whole school issues and participate in training and development relevant to their needs and the needs of our school. Every individual will be encouraged to become a ‘life long learner’.
  • Every visitor to our school will be welcomed. Every member of our community will have a sense of belonging and pride and act as ambassadors for our school.
  • Together we will create a learning environment which will enable us to deliver the relevant curriculum and prepare our children to be citizens of the future.
  • Financial planning, decisions and spending will reflect the aims of our school.